South Africa has become one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. And there are a million reasons why you should honeymoon in South Africa but here are our top 6 reasons.
    1. Blow the dust off a Pinterest account that you created ages ago but have never really put to any use. Try to remember your password. Give up on this and create a new password.
    Planning a typical African wedding for most probably entails reviewing your guest list and wedding numbers a gazillion times before giving in to the fact that you have no control over the random people that shall show up.

    It was an ordinary day at Kenya Weddings, we were going about our business; neck-deep in wedding inspiration, when we received a call that changed everything. The Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi was launching the Italian Food Festival and they wanted us to sample it. Needless to say we were in!  The meals would be prepared by Chef Marco Pincelli who is an expert in contemporary Italian food.

    The day started of very early. We would be leaving Johannesburg for a while so we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the North West Province.
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    We were to spend the day in Soweto, Gauteng and everyone was thrilled about that. So as soon as we finished breakfast we were off to Soweto.
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    We were excited to be spending another day at The Wedding Expo. After a scrumptious breakfast at the Sun restaurant we were off to Ticketpro Dome.

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    We began the second day with a scrumptious dinner at the restaurant overlooking Sandton. We were all excited to see what was in store for us. 

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    For months we had planned and dreamed about our trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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    Step away for a minute from the chalkboard wedding signs and consider something different; mirror signage. This is idea is perfect for an elegant and modern wedding theme.
    You can drape flowers and greenery over the mirrors to add some glamour to the signage. Just a few flowers will do either on one corner or at the top of the frame.
    The less the writing on the mirror the better, because there will already be a reflection on the mirror so too many words could be overwhelming to the eye.
    Play around with different frames to create interest. If yours is a vintage wedding, go for a vintage frame in gold or brass. If you would like a rustic look go for a mirror with a wrought iron frame or unfinished wood.
    Your mirror signage can have any message you want to give your guests, it could be a welcome message, the bridal party, the program of the day, the hashtag your guests can use when posting photos or a sweet love quote.
    The best thing about the mirror signage is that you can keep it as a souvenir from your wedding day. If you love a bit of DIY, check out this link on how to create mirror signs.

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