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Chris & Maureen

Inspired by their love for colour, Chris and Maureen decided to go with an interesting mix of fuchsia and purple.

The result? A unique look with lots of beautiful floral arrangement and out of the box decor.

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How did you meet? – At work :- ).We used to work for an organization that has 2 sister companies within the same compound. Chris was in the Marketing department of one company and I was also a marketer for the other one. He was the kind and helpful experienced guy who would “teach me the ropes” every now and then since I was knew to the industry.

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What qualities attracted you to her?

Maureen is an intelligent, loving, passionate, self confident and supportive lady which to me are very important in a life partner. We were first friends before we started dating and the more we interacted the more i got to know her and before i knew it i had fallen for her.



Why did you accept his marriage proposal?

I could not imagine spending my life with anyone else. I can be myself with him. He is a funny guy, and is always making me laugh…even via text or chat. If I had a shilling for every time I have caught people giving me strange looks because I was laughing hysterically by myself after reading a text from him…we would be millionaires.
Chris loves family and people in general. He is also very driven and ambitious, all which to me, are important characteristics in a life partner.

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Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc?

We chose Fuschia and Purple because we wanted something unique, cheerful and elegant.
We were looking to have our wedding at a quiet, beautiful place that was easily accessible to friends and family. Hartfield Gardens was relatively new at the time and they gave us a very good package.

We also went with suppliers whose services we had already sampled and had been impressed by at previous weddings. This gave us peace of mind since we knew the type of service to expect from them.


Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.

Despite having slept at around 1 am the previous night, I was awake by 5.30am, tummy full of butterflies. I remember worrying about the weather but soon as I heard birds chirping, I knew it was going to be a beautiful day. It was pretty surreal and I could not believe that the day had finally arrived. I was not in a hurry to get ready though, lol.

I guess I just wanted to savor the whole day from beginning to end. I was so sure I was going to cry (nay..WAIL…) as we exchanged vows since I am quite the emotional one. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t  :-) After the church ceremony, any lingering nerves disappeared and everything just seemed to flow from there on out. It was incredible how fast the day came and went. We were married  :-) !

I remember feeling so grown up. All in all, it was a beautiful day, we had loads of fun. Our MC, bridal party and our guests were such a delight…everyone let loose and enjoyed themselves.

 What part did you love most about the whole process of planning and having the wedding?

Sampling different! Just kidding. We wanted our wedding to be different, so it was interesting exchanging ideas and creating unique concepts and then watching them coming to life. It was also interesting to realize how different we are in terms of details etc.

I would take forever to decide on a concept or a supplier because I wanted to compare different things before I was sure about something. Chris’s terms of reference on the other hand were…”Why re-invent the wheel?!”….. :-) However, all said and done, we always found common ground and settled on something only after we were both comfortable.

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What’s the most important thing you learnt from your counselor?

God created marriage. ONLY HE HAS THE MANUAL to a great marriage. We should seek to learn HIS ways and adopt HIS standards and not those of the world.

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Any tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

Discuss and decide what you both want on your wedding day. Give yourselves enough time to plan for your big day. Start early so that you have time to explore as many options as possible and also so that you also have enough time to save up.

On your wedding day, one or two things will not go according to plan. You have to DECIDE to have fun, mishaps notwithstanding. You cannot have a do over of your wedding day so enjoy it!


Wedding Photographer – Photomagic Studios   Number of Guests - 500   

Wedding Venue – Hartfield Gardens    Photo shoot - Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens


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