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Roy & Terry
We are head-over-heels in love with this wedding for 3 major reasons; 
1. elegant white and gold details
2. white sandy beach 
3. the bride was one of our winners of the trip to South Africa courtesy of South African Tourism
Scroll down to see the photos and get tips on how to plan a beach wedding
Tell us your story? How and where did you meet?
We met in High School at Moi High School, Kabarak, though we were not dating. We were in the same class. This was in 2002. Fast forward to 2008, we meet again at Moi University.
I was in Law School and he was in School of Medicine. We met while hanging out with my fellow students and we remembered each other from high school. We exchanged cell phone numbers and started meeting frequently to catch up and hang out. One thing led to another and as they say, the rest is history.
How did he propose?
He works in Voi at Moi District Hospital while I work in Nairobi at the Office of the Attorney General. He asked me to come visit him in Voi as he was on call at the hospital and could not come to Nairobi. I decided to travel as he had been the one coming to visit most of the times.
He took me out for dinner at Rosewood Grill in Voi as it was just newly opened and after having dinner, he proposed. This was on 18th March, 2016. It was a candle lit dinner outside at the terrace of the hotel by the pool. It was truly amazing. I later realized that he had intended to propose on my birthday which was on 19th February but I had been busy with meetings.
What songs did you and your bridal team walk down the aisle to?
I walked down to the instrumental ‘Canon in D - Instrumental Violin - Wedding song for bride entrance’ while my bridal party walked down to the instrumental ‘Christina Perri - a thousand years (Piano/Cello cover)’.
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colors, suppliers and style?
My theme was a beach wedding theme. That’s because I was doing my wedding at the Beach. My choice of colors was White and Gold.
This was due to the fact that at the coast it’s hot and you need bright colors. I also love White and Gold theme.
My suppliers were from the coast. This was to avoid unnecessary costs and also I felt they would be best suited to do the wedding given that they reside there.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.
I honestly could not sleep. I had not slept well the entire week. So my Make-up had to be on point coz of the eye bags. However, from the time I was doing my make up all I could think of was how my décor would turn out to be, if we would arrive on time at the church and just couldn’t wait to say my vows.
However, as it turns out, everything went super amazing. I will never forget my wedding day. I was amazed by our Priest, the décor and the food. Everything went according to plan.
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
I realized that getting the local service providers really cut your costs. I had intended to outsource the décor and photography but the transport costs alone would have been a lot.
The locals are better placed and understand the environs very well. E.g For the Décor lady, she knew exactly where the sun would shine most and being a wedding at the coast, it would be too hot for guys. So she ended up doing the décor in a way in which no one would feel the heat. For the photographer, he knew exactly where to take photos as there was too much sun.
You were one of the winners of the Safiri SA competition sponsored by South Africa Tourism. Tell us more about your experience in South Africa, what was the highlight of the trip for you?
Just winning the trip was my highlight. I got to visit South Africa for the first time in my life. It was really amazing. It opened up my eyes to the amazing things that South Africa has to offer.
My highlight for the entire trip was when we went for the wedding expo. I learnt a lot of things. I even shared the décor ideas with my décor lady and we incorporated a lot of ideas. The trips to various places like Soweto and the Balloon ride were really super amazing. I really appreciate South Africa tourism for giving me the opportunity to sample their country. It was a beautiful experience.
Would you consider visiting South Africa in future for your anniversary?
Most definitely. I plan on visiting quite soon especially Cape Town coz I have not been there and I hear it’s really beautiful.
What (in your opinion), do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?
The Décor. Deciding on a décor lady was tiresome. Most of them were charging for nonexistent things or things which in my opinion should not be charged. People these days want to go all out and this means a lot of money. 
Any other tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms planning for their wedding?
I would advise that in as much as you might have a wedding planner, take time to visit the actual suppliers and interact. Have a personal relationship with them.
That way they will put a face to what they are doing for you and they would not want to disappoint you. Plan early and budget well.
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done.
We had party favors at every table for every guest. We decided to buy chocolate and give to guests as a way of saying thanks for coming. The chocolates were inside a box which also had a small thank you note.
It was really amazing. I got the thank you notes from South Africa while on the trip. 

Photographer: Apoca Photography

Number of guests: 200

Wedding Venue & Photography Venue: St. Joseph Catholic Church (ceremony), Severin Sea Lodge (reception) and Butterfly Pavilion (photoshoot)


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