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Wachira & Zita

This wedding will take you down memory lane to an era of thick afros, bowties, suspenders, telegrams and timeless elegance.

Zita and Wachira’s wedding was an affair full of fun, creativity and romance. Looking at the photos it’s hard to believe that the wedding was not actually held in another era! We love the retro sneakers and the ladies in their polka dot dresses looking so feminine and elegant.


You can almost imagine the Beatles singing and guests twisting away! The atmosphere was simply electric.Check out this wedding full of nostalgia and read their story; it is absolutely groovy!


How did it all begin? When and where did you meet?
We first met in 2003, after we finished high school(x-cans) at action group-hosted by Kenya youth for Christ. Then we met again in JKUAT where we both were studying. For 4 years we were good friends then we moved it to the next level in April 2009(after all our friends got tired of the “were just friends line”.

Tell us about the proposal

Location: JKUAT-where it all began (the upper chambers to be precise)
Time: dusk
Details: It was made to look like a random stopover in JKUAT to grab a bite after a long time. I had friends set up the balcony with 101 lit candles and wine and the ring as the center piece, oh and also a photographer (Osborne Macharia –frontlite) hiding in the bushes to get it all.
She dint stand a chance!

Did you have a bridal shower or bachelor party? What did you enjoy the most about it?

The bridal shower (the main one-there were 3 by different groups) was fun. The best part was the gifts and words by friends …as for the bachelor…let’s say it was Arabian themed and the rest I will go to the grave with… :-)

What was the wedding planning process like?

Bitter sweet…..especially when trying to pull off a theme. The planning committee of friends and family really helped (like a whole lot) .Overall it was the most fun we have had but hopefully we will never want to do it again…

What was your inspiration for your decor and flowers?

Old school boogie.

What song did you walk down the aisle to? How about the bridal party?

Bride-Broken Road by Selah (sung by Zita`s sisters-Tasha & Costa)
Bridal party-Am letting go (Franchesca Batilsteli)
Recession:-some kikuyu song -you are the flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone-or something like that.


Give us a brief recount of your wedding day.

Woke up at around 7am ,after singing and the morning dancing…we were at the venue 30 minutes before time.-enough time to do a pre-photo-shoot  The ceremony was fairly standard, praise & worship, sermonette, vows.
After the ceremony we went to a friend’s place in the neighborhood for lunch, then back to the venue for the reception.
A whole lot of dancing after that, quick speeches, cake and were out to the railway museum for the photo shoot. After freshening up we did the after party!


What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

The dancing & the people (especially the fact that most came dressed to the theme)

What was your biggest cost saver?
Décor-especially when it’s D.I.Y (although it’s a hustle. Thank God for friends)


What would you advice a couple planning to get married?
Three things:

  1. Make your wedding a reflection of yourself
  2. Keep God at the center of the planning
  3. Cut your cloth according to your size


Wedding Venue - Lions Eye Hospital-loresho    Wedding Photographer - Joe Makeni  (Frontlite Photography)

Number of Guests - 1200


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