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Kasina & Faith

What better way to start the year than with your lifelong partner? Faith and Kasinas wedding held on the first weekend of January was a bright and elegant affair.
The bright colours, joyous people and beautiful venue made it a day to remember. Here's their story.



How and where did you meet?

We met in Strathmore University where we were doing an accounting course.

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Did you have traditional ceremonies before the wedding? How did they go?

Yes we did, we had two meetings, the initial one was for the parents from each side to meet each other, the other one was a ''Muthoko/Ruracio" which combined aspects from both our communities.
The ceremonies went well and it gave both sides a chance to get to know each other, and was the foundation of a great friendship for our families

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What was the most challenging part while planning the wedding?

Time: It was tricky to split our time between family, school and wedding preparations; we thank God for seeing us through.

Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc?

Colour: Yellow: To brighten the day, and to represent the wakambas akina Kasina.
Theme: Garden wedding: to maximize on the beautiful outdoors and the sunny weather.
Venue:  Very ,very, beautiful grounds ,convenient location, affordable one stop package, church, reception, evening party, photo session and one       night's stay in one place.
Service Providers: We got the vendors mainly from referrals, looking through portfolios of service providers to see the quality and creativity in their work.

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

The ride from home to the venue, there were people on the way and in traffic, waving and glancing at us. We loved exchanging our vows and rings. There was also a surprise gift of the entertainment  band. We really enjoyed the young people's dancing session. We hadn't danced like that in a long time! It was awesome seeing all our family and friends at the same place celebrating with us.  Oh and Kasina sang  'Nyambura nakupenda like fish and chips'.  


Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.

Faith: I didn't quite sleep, I was out of bed at 5.30ish,then the lights disappeared, in our house only 
The bridal party and my family managed to get ready in time for the women who came to sing by 9.00am. We left the house at 9.45am and arrived at the venue at 10.30am before the groom.

Faith walked down the aisle by 11.00am to some soft music. A lovely sermon was given by the pastor and we exchanged vows. The church service ended at 12.30am and we proceeded to the photo session which was at the same venue. We headed back to the reception at 3.00 pm where we realized that a surprise band had been hired for us! They made the day very lively.

There was a lot of time to dance and  later there were speeches from both sides of the family. Presentation of gifts was done and then cake cutting. The ceremony ended at 6.00pm with a lovely chorus 'enda nasi' led by the MC. It was the best day of our lives!


What part did you love most about the whole process of planning and having the wedding?

We learnt a lot, on the different fabrics, flower arrangements ,types of cakes, food serving points setup, video editing ,PAsystems,  Mceeing styles, things you can never know until your involved in the actual planning of a wedding.
It gave us a chance to spend time with friends, family and hubby as we planned, through committee meetings, shopping around, the traditional ceremony, bridal shower, premarital classes, stag party etc The planning process definitely strengthened our relationships.


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Any other interesting aspects you had in the wedding?

At the reception, on the grooms request we had some 'secular' music for the youth to dance to. This got many people on their feet and was different from the mostly gospel songs played at weddings.  It was a lot of fun!



What's the most important thing you learnt from your counselor?
Husbands should love their wives and wives should submit to their husbands. And exactly what it means to love and submit.

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Any tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

If only we were able to see the wedding before we started planning, we would not fret on half the things we did. In the end we were married, which is the most important thing. Another lesson, if you're on a tight budget keep it simple and avoid unnecessary extras for the guests.

There is always a decent service for the amount you are willing to spend and you can never please everyone.

Last but not least - Enjoy the process, it's all worth it in the end!


Wedding Venue: Oak Place     Wedding Photographer: Shutter Speed     Number of Guests: 600



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