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Eric & Olive


An all white wedding held at dusk was the intimate affair that Olive and Eric had always wanted. And what a beautiful event it was!

The couple's joy was clearly evident and the unique decor and lighting  made this wedding simply magical.

Read on for more on this elegant all white wedding.



Tell us your love story, how did it all begin?

We have known each other as artists at different capacities for over 5years but we have different versions of how we met. Our friendship was business based more than anything and then we later met in a bus and that was the beginning of everything.


Did you have any traditional ceremonies? How did they go?

Yes we did. They were low key which was easy for us since we both come from small close knit families. 



What was your wedding theme?

All white sunset affair. 




Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc? 

Coincidentally, we both always wanted to have an all white wedding. An intimate open sky set up was our desire hence the evening setting with our main décor being lighting. 

We learnt about the venue from a friend at a premarital class retreat and it was a miracle because our initial venue would not have accommodated more than 50 guests. We put together our ideas and Eric being an event set designer, used his equipment and expertise to put together the whole wedding. We did not hire any service providers. 

Friends chipped in their time and resources to help with the set up and some friends in the entertainment service industry also provided us with sound and Deejaying.


Take us through the wedding day from start to finish and what was going through your mind during the wedding? 

Olive: I had no idea what Eric had done at the venue. After having my nails done at a salon in town, my best maid and I were dropped at the venue. We dressed up and got our makeup done and before long my dad was coming to hold my hand and walk me down. I got so overwhelmed by the set up that I forgot I was walking down to Eric to exchange vows! When 

I saw Eric I began to shed tears of joy. The vows were so powerful and intimate and the pastor made sure we did not take them lightly. Soon after we signed the certificate and then it started getting dark and the lights went on. I was totally caught up in the whole ambiance I just kept telling Eric thank you. At some point the deejay stopped playing music and Eric took the mic and made a speech of how I thought he forgot my birthday (which was 4days prior to the wedding day) and there was a birthday cake and a gift. Long and short of it, it was a day I will live to remember. All my close friends and family were there and I did not feel surrounded by strangers.



Take us through the wedding day from start to finish and what was going through your mind during the wedding? 

Eric:Eeeeehhhhh where to begin after Olive has shared her lovely experience. “I’m a simple guy I dream about Loving ONLY You Olive".


My story is so simple; knowing what Olive and I shared and wanted made planning easy so as artists we decided to be our own wedding planners.  I woke up, got my hair trimmed from my house, was picked up by my brother and on the way to the venue the car broke down: Teren! That was the beginning of MY STRESS!

Somehow a friend organized for me to be picked and taken to the venue. We reached the venue and it would be expected that I'd relax and get pampered instead; I got into my overall to complete the setup that had begun the previous day.

To cut the long story short: God blessed my hands and I put my hands to work on that day just for my wife. The rest is as she remembers.




What part did you love most about the wedding planning process?

Olive: The fact that we think alike and have so much in common. Eric: I liked the fact that Olive gave me the freedom to get my hands dirty and surprise her.

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding?



What part did you love most about the wedding planning process?

Eric: seeing Olive walking down the staircase leading to the isle. Olive: Watching Eric say those vows to me, his eyes were set on me and he was so honest and sincere. 


What was your biggest cost cutter? Everything! 


What in your opinion is the most overrated thing about weddings?

Spending so much money for a ceremony that lasts only hours forgetting that there is life after the wedding day.




Any tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

Be yourselves; do not do something you don’t understand just because it’s done in other weddings. Our principle is, if you can’t afford it, ignore it.


Wedding Venue - Royal Haven, Kitisuru   Wedding Photographer - Mutua Matheka       Number of Guests - 100



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