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Joshua & Charlene


Charlene and Joshua were going for a vibrant and fun look for their wedding and so they chose to use peach and lime green.This uplifting colour combo was ideal for their bright and sunny wedding on green, lush grounds. Have a look at their wedding and get inspired!


Tell us your love story, how did it all begin? 
It all began as friendship in 2008 and steadily grew into a relationship, culminating into the decision to get married in 2010. 


What do you love the most about each other?
We have genuine and unconditional love for each other. Plus lots of spontaneity. We enjoy life and each other’s company!


Did you have any traditional ceremonies? 
We had 2 ceremonies - Ruracio and Itara – and they went very well. We kept them simple and realistic. 


Take us through the wedding day from start to finish and what was going through your mind during the wedding? 
In the morning there was the usual preparations and picking up of the bride, which all went smoothly. Church function was lively at Methodist Kariokor (bride’s church) and we really had fun with the photo session at Windsor before the reception later on at Loreto Msongari. Our MC and coordinators managed time so well despite having lots of presentations and entertainment. 

Everything fell into place, save for one of the video cameras which went off at some point and the guys did not notice! Luckily the still photos were skillfully pieced together in the video to cover the missing part of church sign-offs. During the day, we purposed to enjoy and we were not bothered by the logistics as we had a strong and committed team of friends and cousins assisting with coordination. Overall, it was a very wonderful and memorable experience. 

Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc?
We chose peach and lime colors because they are fresh and vibrant and are full of life and beauty. Our theme was actually a subtle combination of Western and African culture. Luckily our suppliers delivered it very well and did not disappoint. The venue was considered awesome due to the large lawns that complemented well with peach (near-earth color) and lime green. It was delightful to the eye, and soft to the feet as guests danced. 

What part did you love most about the wedding planning process? 
The search for the rings. I got to sample all types of rings; silver, gold (yellow/rose/white)…you name it… before settling for the beautiful one on my finger. We also had fun planning the honeymoon. We opted to do it together and be as adventurous as possible….We ended up going to 5 destinations in 14days…Just when the hosts were starting to get used to us, we would hop to the next destination and get the same special treatment for 2 or 3 days. 

If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would change and what would it be?

Nothing at all. Apart from the date, naturally it will be different. 

What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding?
The vows. It was a promise to each other of love and commitment. The adrenaline and excitement caused me to..... Interchange my husband’s second name with his surname :-) 


What was your biggest cost cutter?
Transport. We got more cars than we needed from friends and family including the bride’s car for free….absolutely free….Range Rover Sport (Black) and a White VX set the pace. 

Is there anything different or unique you did? Please share it with us! 
The honeymoon. Many couples visit one or two places and it’s usually a surprise for the bride. In our case, we planned it together, and ensured it had lots of variety, crisscrossing land and ocean. It was 5 Destinations in 14days. And we enjoyed each and every day. It was worth it, that we personally invested more time and resources on it than on actual wedding logistics. Sounds crazy but it’s true. 


What in your opinion is the most overrated thing about weddings?
Receptions must be costly and glamorous. In our view, and experience, use whatever budget you have you, and work around a beautiful yet simple wedding. Reserve 30%-40% of total budget to a nice honeymoon. It’s your special moment.  No matter how much you feed people and decorate tents, truth is, they soon forget. Invest more on what will linger longer for the two of you. Rings and honeymoon. 

Any tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

Commit your plans to the Lord. He will establish them. Always take your anxieties to the Lord. Secondly, be realistic and be prepared to let go of some fantasies when your day is close and you’ve not closed in on your budget. No one will die if they don’t get chicken or soda or a piece of cake. 
No one has ever fainted for missing a seat in the wedding or because a celebrity singer was not in the wedding to perform. If relatives demand free transport, promise to send them a copy of the DVD to watch the ceremony at home, later. Do not worry yourself, if you can’t afford these things. Enjoy life, enjoy your wedding. 

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Wedding Photographer – Shutterspeed    Number of Guests – 500   

Wedding Venue – Loreto Convent Msongari    Photo shoot - Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

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