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Romeo & Consolata

When we came across this African themed wedding, we absolutely loved it!
The attention to detail is commendable, the decor is fabulous and the colours of the day, orange and black, contrast beautifully. Who knew an African themed wedding could be vibrant and cultural and yet so elegant! 

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at Romeo and Consolata’s African themed wedding – Karibuni!

How and where did you meet?

Consolata: I first met Romeo in a team building organized by the organization we were working for before he jumped ship. I noted his presence but we never talked much. Afterwards emails were exchanged as well as phone numbers and we became friends.

Romeo: It was over lunch hour and I was barely 4 months old at the organization when I saw Consolata walk past the table I was seated going to get food. I admired the confidence in her walk and set myself to talk to her at some point. A team building came in handy as it served as the starting point.
How did he propose?
I expected a surprise and that’s how it came. It was on the eve of his birthday when I was putting my final plans in place for his big day, contemplating on the best gift and a surprise supper. He came home looking tired and I offered a massage. After that, we had dinner then went to bed. He was ahead of me and when I got to the room, he was on his knee with the magical proposal.  
For how long did you plan your wedding and what did you enjoy most about the planning process?
We started our planning very early and we would advise anyone planning to also to start early. We planned for 7 months, meeting at intervals of two weeks. Towards the wedding day, it reduced to 3 weeks though we had planned to increase the frequency to weekly. We enjoyed the overwhelming support from friends and family. We note at several times when reading of previous minutes, we had different people in attendance and it was great.
What was the most challenging part while planning the wedding?
Most of the meetings were held on Sunday afternoon and Consolata was working. So I was coordinating most activities and it was real work. On some occasions, the meetings had very few people in attendance e.g. 3. Also, two weeks to the wedding, we had only 1/3rd of the budget raised and we kept faith in God for the rest to be realized before time. In other instances, some vital aspects of the wedding were overlooked and were 
very important.
What was your wedding theme?
The wedding theme was a blend of African setting blended in western setting. 
What songs were played as you and your bridal team walked down the aisle?
The groom went in style with Marry you sang by Bruno Mars; the bridal team matched with, Sitolia sang by Gloria Muliro & Willy Paul which was beautiful and remember the moments often. The song blended well with the occasion. The bride walked in with sweet mellows of Love of my life sang by Darla and Chad Day.After the service, the bride, groom and the team danced to an African tune from Zambia titled Time sang by Mozegater.
Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc?
Our concept was a blend of African and western. Orange is a bright and unifying colour that brightens an event. Black was used to tone down the brightness and also portray our African identity. 
We chose this so that we could have things abit different from the obvious and also for people to enjoy the ambiance. The venue came as a package from the church and also was economical on our budget. On the part of the service providers, they proved themselves before we signed the contracts.
Did our website add any value in your wedding planning process? Would you advice others to go online when looking for vendors?
Kenya Weddings assisted a lot. We got several service providers from the site and from there we established contacts with them with a view of giving them business. Décor services and cake were done by listed providers in the website. The site is helpful as it gives you options apart from contacts. I would advise any couple planning a wedding to give it a try and they won’t regret it.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.
The morning was bright and a good sign of a bright day. The groom and his party had a light traditional snack then went to pick the bride. All was smooth. We proceeded to Church, Nairobi Gospel Centre International (NGCI), Embakasi and traffic behaved. The service was awesome and people were blessed. Then we had to change photo session plans. There was a major traffic clog to Serena. 
We opted to have a brief one at the church grounds then let the MC alter his program so that we could still do the photo session with the natural light in the evening. We danced, ate good food, shared with our guests and enjoyed the reception. The photo session was awesome and later had an evening party at Upper Hill before retiring at Serena. We endeavored to enjoy the day and that’s exactly what we did. We had an able team and special thanks to them.
What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding?
Consolata: After the wedding, we had to change the plans. To have the photo session after the reception since there was mad traffic to town. My hubbie took over the BMW Z3 model  and drove to the reception ground. The joy, singing and shouting from the guests were just awesome.
Romeo: Unveiling of the ring holder that carried the rings and our personal commitments to each other. It was so special in our theme colours. Not forgetting that I had an African shirt which didn’t have a pocket, so the marriage Certificate had to be put somewhere (in the socks).
What advice would you share with other brides and grooms planning for their wedding?
The foremost thing is to put God first. Apart from that, they ensure their wedding plans begin early enough so that they can get the best service providers in good time to avoid the last minute rush and also do better financial planning. 
This also gives the service providers enough time to prepare and ensure that they deliver well. To the brides to be, make sure you are calm and things will just work.  This is the compliment I received from the designer who made my dress, my hair dresser and the makeup lady. They all said they enjoyed working with me and they had to make the best for me.
Wedding Photographer – Big Shot Studios    Number of Guests – 400   

Wedding Venue – Nairobi Gospel Centre International, Embakasi   Photo shoot - Nairobi Serena

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