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Robert & Maureen

We bring you Maureen and Robert’s heartwarming love story of how they met and the challenges they have had to overcome; leading up to the beautiful celebration of their union. 
And what a celebration it was! The ocean blue and york yellow colour scheme is as vibrant as the couple and from the way they danced it is clear that they were beside themselves with joy. Their story will inspire you to persist  against all odds and make you believe in love.
This is a story for the romantic at heart…. and for those who simply love weddings. 
Why did you decide she was the woman for you Robert? 
Ours has been a journey of pure friendship that blossomed into genuine intimacy and an incredible relationship. When she stood by our love even in the most difficult moments of our relationship and unconditionally declared and exhibited that she wants the best for me in life even if it meant letting me go. I love the genuineness of her friendship, loyalty, maturity at heart, love and fear of God. She is so beautiful in all aspects and always brings out the best in me, my lover and my best friend.
For how long did you plan your wedding and what did you enjoy most about the planning process?
Surprisingly we planned our wedding for barely 3 months that is May-July 2012. We had earlier attended a 10 weeks pre-marital counseling classes in our church which concluded in May and we were to set the date of our wedding. We did set August and some people thought it was too soon but we prayed and trusted God that by faith it will be possible. We shared the plans with the parents and family and they were very supportive.
We had moved to Thika from Nairobi and thought of establishing a committee but most of our friends were based in Nairobi and other towns .We decided against the committee and my bride’s cousin offered to be our wedding planner free of charge. We sought advice from several people who have had weddings before and learnt from the experience of sitting in committees of other weddings and came up with a plan and budget.
We enjoyed the planning process as it was fast because we would decide on things expeditiously and do follow up. We enjoyed the support of friends and family and sometimes when we felt stuck God would open opportunities for funds and would also get the best deals at affordable prices.
What challenges did you face in planning your wedding and how did you deal with those challenges?
Given that we had a barely 3 months, we had to work harder to fund raise both from our savings and friends. We even decided to cancel a pre-wedding party we had hoped to hold for fund raising and stand by the few friends and family who had stood by us in a great way and contributed beyond our expectation.
We decided that we would only plan with what we could afford with our funds and the committed and submitted pledges. We would also pray to God a lot and keep faith on the few friends and family who supported us in a big way.
We also had to put more effort since it was majorly the two of us and the wedding planner.
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colors, suppliers and style?
Ocean blue and York yellow. The two colors are cool and bright and represent in a way our temperaments. We believe we are very friendly people and don’t lose our cool. We thought of other combinations and thought they had been over done and wanted something unique and bright as we were hoping that August would be sunny and wanted something bright.
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
We had wedding and reception at the same venue which gave complementary for photography free of charge at a beautiful swimming pool grounds. This also saved a lot of time for us which compensated for about 45mins that had previously been lost in heavy jam by the bridal party before the wedding started.
We had few simple but beautiful invitation cards: Rather than having many costly invitation cards, invite people using e-card through mail, facebook, phone, and a single card for inviting colleagues at work, family etc.
Wedding convoy; Rather than hire vehicles we talked to several friends and family in advance and requested them for vehicles and they also fueled them.
With your husband's disability what was the entire experience like and what lessons did you learn?
When I was small I used to know that a person with disability is someone to be helped around in doing everything and to beg in the street for a living but that is wrong. Having my love and his friends who are physically challenged I’ve gotten to enjoy every minute am with him.
He does shopping alone and brings it in the house which is in the second floor. He helps with the baby; in short for me he does everything I can do. All I need is patience with him and trust and he does everything.
He helped me see persons with disability in a different light and subconsciously fight for their rights when violated, which I never did before.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.     
I never slept that night because I was anxious for my big day. I was out of bed at around 6:00am and got out to have a glimpse of the day; I realized it was raining and I started crying. My aunt encouraged me and even prayed with me for a sunny day. My other source of stress was the fact that I had locked my hubbys stuff in our room and I had the key in Nairobi and he was in Thika figuring who will get them and if he will make it in time was my challenge.
The person who was doing my makeup also came in a bit late and I was worried about running late but my night mare was on our way to the ground from Kariobangi South. There was heavy traffic jam and it took us one and half hours to get to the grounds. Our pastor was getting inpatient as he had another wedding. The minute I walked down the aisle I was so calm and I knew my day was a big success as my love kept on smiling at me.
The photo session went well and the sun was so bright and everyone was in their best mood on that day. The reception was fun, everyone danced I was worried about how my cake would be but it was beautiful. I was also happy to see my baby’s cake which was beautiful and come evening as we went to the hotel we were all happy and the memories are still fresh today.
What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about weddings?
It is expensive that it can only be done with those with money. One can be creative and customize the wedding according to their pocket. The most important thing is to have the couple, the presiding pastor, rings, the certificate and the witnesses; the rest are bonuses.
Many times the bride’s gown has to be imported or even very expensive. You can still have a beautiful wedding gown that is tailor-made to what you can afford.
Is there anything different or unique you did? Share it with us!
We had a birthday cake for our baby on the wedding day as she celebrated her first birthday.
Your story has a lot of inspiration what would you advise people who are planning their wedding and facing challenges?
Our advice and encouragement is that God loves marriage and when he has called you to do it; he will enable you to do it. Keep pressing on and pray to God together, seek advice and support each other through having some debriefing sessions. Value and respect each others’ contribution; work as a team.
Never desire to a wedding the way someone else did theirs or be pressured to impress either your family or friends. Plan your wedding, your way (what makes both of you happy) and according to what you can afford instead of getting into huge debts that will come to haunt you later.
In the end it is your marriage that will matter not how impressive your wedding was.
Finally, you can never change much on the very day of your wedding so just do with what you’ll have then and above all have as much fun as you can.
Be happy and enjoy yourselves as the joy of the couple always overflows to the guest. Attitude is contagious! Our guests loved it that we were such a happy couple and enjoyed our wedding.

Wedding Venue - Moi International Sports Stadium   Wedding Photographer - Morgan Okello    Number of Guests - 150
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