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Randy & Trish

Trish and Randy met in a distant land and when they chose to get married they had to have not just one wedding.... but two weddings! One was to celebrate Randy's African American background while the second one was to celebrate Trish's Kenyan roots. The colour combination for this beautiful wedding was burnt orange and champagne. 

Read on and get captivated by this beautiful love story.   

Tell us your love story, how did it all begin?

We met on December 25th 2000 at his mother’s (RIP) home in New York City. His sister had invited my cousin (who was visiting me from South Africa and turned out to be my Maid of Honor) and I to drive down to the city to celebrate the Christmas holidays. At the time, I lived upstate about an hour and a half away from the City in a small town called Fishkill. 

Randy and I met as he was fascinated with the whole idea of Africa – Kenya and that got us all talking. At the time, I had no inclination that he was interested. I just thought it was the usual curiosity and fascination with “something different”, so I went about my business.

Later that evening, when we were preparing to head back upstate, he suggested that we should go down to the City on New Year’s Eve and head out to Times Square to watch the ball drop. Numbers were exchanged. After that, the phone calls started flooding in and by the time we headed back to the City, it was pretty evident we had a deep interest in each other…

Four years later, On February 14th 2004, in the middle of the jewelry section at Macy’s in Herald Square (34th St Macy’s), he went on one knee and proposed. I said yes and the rest is history :-)

What do you love the most about each other?

Randy : I love what she is, what she does. Her strength, kindness and the fact that I have been the man who has been honored to see the best in her.  

Trish: How often does a man ask you to re marry him while you are still married to him? How often does a man propose twice to the woman he is already with? Isn’t that love at its finest? I love that he is an honorable man of his word. A man I can trust and totally depend on to be there and deliver. One who compliments me and holds me down. My number one cheerleader, strong yet gentle. Gives me space for growth and does not try to change me. He lets me enjoy the things that I enjoy, and most of all, I love the way he loves me. 

What was your wedding theme?

Our first wedding (10/18/2004, his mom’s birthday) in New York City was more geared towards a city life theme. Our second wedding, (08/22/2009, my dad’s birthday), was in Kenya. We tried to incorporate aspects from his culture as well as mine using burnt orange and champagne colors.

Why did you choose your particular colors, theme, venue, service providers etc?

Colors: The sharp yet harmonious contrast in the colors represents us and the differences we bring. 

Theme: Kind of an African American theme. A representation of us.

Venue: From what we heard about Nairobi traffic on weekends, we decided that a one stop venue would be the best. We grappled with this one though. We wanted something beautiful but different. So we opted for a cosy venue. 

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Service Providers: It is really tough trying to source for vendors when you are outside the country. We were lucky that my sister Beatrice Wakhu handled the entire planning piece, set up and all from rehearsal dinner to wedding to extended party to honeymoon. We definitely were among the lucky ones.

Take us through the wedding day from start to finish and what was going through your mind during the wedding?

To be honest, it is all a blur, but thanks to our photographer, Emmanuel and our videographer, I can relive the day. So, based on that, I believe I had to go through the traditional bride preparation. That morning I woke up, had a chat with my mommy and began getting dressed. My daddy came in for a bit and we chatted…then I continued getting dressed. The traditional Luhya meal was prepared and my mommy and her sisters (My Mama Mdogos) all tried to feed me, but I had too many butterflies to care about food at the time :-)

In the meantime, the gate had been locked and Randy and his people were told that they had to present gifts before I could be released. That piece was interesting as shown through the pictures. LOL

The ceremony went well. We managed to make it roughly albeit half an hr late. My Pastor, Rev.Majid of NBC is the best. A genuine man of God. He did an awesome job. The service went well. At the reception, the food was in plenty and the entertainment by a local band was like no other. They got my Luhya family all excited when they played tunes like”Mkangula” etc.

We then headed to House of Waine where we had dinner set for two under candle light. It was so calm and peaceful, such a beautiful night. After dinner, we headed to the honeymoon suite where we got ready for the evening at the Carnivore. That was a fun time we had with some of our closest family and friends. A nice way to end a beautiful day. 

What part did you love most about the wedding planning process?

I really did not have a significant part in the planning. I told my sister what I wanted and she promised me that she would do her best to bring it to life and the best part for me was that she delivered! You have to love Big Sisters. They always come through for you.

What songs did you and your bridal team walk down the aisle to?

Bridal Party: Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”

Bride and Parents: Jonathan Cain’s Version of the Bridal March. “Journey”

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What was the most memorable and special part of your wedding day?

The Father/Daughter dance. It was an emotional part of the day (it doubled up as my dad’s birthday and my sister’s graduation too) and the song brought to life the relationship between my daddy and I and the relationship that was growing between Randy and him. The most important men in my life.

You are from different cultures, how did that play out during the wedding process?

It was sometimes very tricky trying to navigate certain aspects. My dad, (an old fashioned Luhya  man) was unsure of the father/daughter dance and until the moment when we danced, I was not sure he would do it. My big brother Jerry Wakhu was on standby. At the end of the day, I got the best of both worlds. I danced with my daddy and big brother :-)

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Randy had to chat with my brothers, cousin and all to get over the culture shock and his biggest pet peeve…dowry. But everything worked itself out :-D

What in your opinion did you discover is the most overrated thing about weddings?

The guest list. OMG! At what point to do you stop and say, those are enough people? I am still trying to find a middle ground for that one. LOL

Wedding Venue - Royal Palm Gardens  Wedding Photographer - Emmanuel Jambo  Number of Guests - 650


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