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Eric & Carol

From peplum dresses to Maasai traditional attire, when it comes to attire, this wedding had it all. The  colours used were a stunning orange and black combination. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at their photos and reading their story and we hope you will too. 

So grab some popcorn and pull up a chair; this is going to be an interesting one. Enjoy!
Tell us your story? How and where did you meet? How long have you dated?
We met in a famous restaurant in Nairobi. I was having lunch alone and so was Eric. He came and sat on my table and started chatting me up.
At first I was hesitant to give him ‘airtime’. However I liked his confidence and slowly started warming up to his vibe.
As we were winding up with the lunch, he asked me for my number and that’s how we became friends. The next time we meet in church and the friendship continued and  as they say, the rest is history

How did he propose?

He had invited me one afternoon to his estate. After cooking for me, he invited me to accompany him swimming which I obliged. As I got ready to plunge into the water, he knelt down, whipped out the ring and whispered the words.

I was over the moon, and yes, I did say YES I WILL!

What do you love the most about her Eric?
I knew she would make a perfect wife. As they say, she had all the characteristics of a ‘wife material’. She is a loving, very caring person and she is the best I will ever have.
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colors, suppliers and style?
Our theme was all incorporating. We wanted it to look like a public function. Invited anybody who could make it.
Our colors were orange and brown, inspired by the loudness of orange and the calming nature of brown.
Orange ‘screams’ and brown ‘soothes’. We thought the two colors would perfectly complement each other.
We wanted things a bit different and for our guests to enjoy the ambiance. It was indeed colorful.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time. 
Eric: When I woke up in the morning, it was the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling. However as the day progressed, confidence slowly checked in and replaced the anxiety. I was afraid timings would be messed up. 
Church was extremely lively and colorful though took a little longer than expected. Photo shoot was creative as planned though it drained most of my energy. Reception was glamorous and I liked. The day was perfect to say the least. We later danced our evening away with relief.
Carol: I remember my very good friend Vera who was in the lineup slept over and she woke me up  at 4am thinking it was 6am.She must have been more anxious and worried for me (woiye!!).We then decided to sleep and when we woke up she couldn’t even take breakfast.
As for me I took breakfast and relaxed to get pampered. My girls came in good time and we started our thing (make up!).Before we left for church, my other good friend (Christabel) called and warned me not to spoil my day in case I find the red carpet missing in church.
She did me good indeed because I would have been so disappointed but after she told me that, I was prepared for anything and I had made up my mind to enjoy the day besides any shortcomings. The day was bright and I remember saying a short prayer telling God to hold the rain until after the event.
And I thank God because that is exactly what happened. All went well and we enjoyed every bit.
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
Transport: we sourced all the cars from our relatives who had them fuelled and each had an accompanying driver. The best tip we would give is to have as many quotations as possible and go for the most cost effective service providers.
Also determine what is most important and invest in that. For us it was the, food, venue, décor and others followed.
Did our website ( add any value in your wedding planning process?
Yes it did. I have been a fun of your Facebook page and it helped a lot in so many ways; got some ideas from it. I used to read the features and the blogs. Kenya Weddings helped a lot
What songs were played as you and your bridal team walked down the aisle?
The bridal team danced to “Ebenezer “by Angela Chibalonza….the bride walked down the aisle with the traditional “here comes the bride”.
After the service the bride, groom and the bridal team danced to “Today Today “by Eldee…it was amazing.
Any other tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?
Start planning your wedding early to avoid confusions and stress during the last days. Consider what most important to you as a couple. Make sure you enjoy your day as it comes once in a life time. Even if some things get messed up on your day just ignore them and assume they don’t exist.
You must have learnt quite a number of things during the wedding process. What did you learn regarding the wedding cake that you would like other couples to know?
Our cake was 7 tier and it was a fruit cake. I think fruit cake is the best as it never disappoints in terms of getting spoilt and taste.
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done.
Carol: My dress was mermaid and it was not long for easier dancing. I had a long veil which took the place of the long gown.
Groom: The groom wore different suite from the grooms. He wore a tuxedo suite and different color of the shoes.
The bride maids: They had peplum skirts and tops which made them outstanding and classy. They wore animal print shoes that made the outfit amazing. I wanted them to have outfits and shoes that they can wear another time.

Wedding Venue Hillcrest Secondary School-Karen Photography Venue - Macushla-Karen Wedding Photographer - Ark studio  Number of Guests - 1000



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