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Chris & Lillian

Tell us your story; how and where did you meet? 
Chris is a very good friend to one of my cousins so he used to come home to visit my cousin so that he could see me but kept his cool. But he let me know what he wanted while away in Belgium.
He came over for a one week holiday on his way to South Africa for a conference, which he spent with me to get to know a bit more about this mysterious girl he kept eyeing from a distance; most of our courtship was online till he finally came back in July 2012.
How did he propose?
During his Masters graduation in Belgium he invited me to go celebrate with him….this was an honor to me. He organized all my travel expenses from the visa to the return air ticket, I was a bit antsy though; away in a strange land, but something deep inside me felt so right and with my cousin as his friend I was fine with the idea. While in Belgium he took me for a trip to Germany at the River Rhine where he got down on one knee and proposed to me…..It was grand.
He had bought a padlock and wrote our names on it, we locked the padlock along the banks of River Rhine and threw the keys into the river and he said, if we have to break up then the only way is to go back to Germany into the river Rhine and look for the key and unlock our padlock (point to note there are so many padlocks in River Rhine) then we can break up! I was so overwhelmed with joy didn’t know what to say..I actually don’t think I even said yes! Hahaha but yeah my proposal was at River Rhine in Germany and it culminated to a dinner for two.
Lillian: What qualities made you decide that Chris was the man for you? 
He is so focused and considerate. He is also a hardworking man with a mighty vision. He is a staunch catholic with principles, ooh and I almost forgot, he is full of surprises too and I love surprises! 
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style?
 It was a polka dot affair, with Purple and Fuchsia as our wedding colors; I love purple the colour of royalty. Fuchsia was a by the way because Chris did not like black so I had to replace it with something else. 
What would you say was your biggest challenge during the planning process and how did you overcome it?
 The fact that we had to plan for a wedding in 3 months. Chris came back in July, we did the family visits and dowry payments till August then from September we started the wedding plans. But with Chris it was all easy, He was very supportive and ready to make visits with me to each and every vendor to ensure we were comfortable with what we settle on.
We also had immense support from friends who were willing to sacrifice their time and ensure everything was in place. We minimized on the vendors by having one vendor do all the décor requirements (tents, chairs, tables, drapery, flowers) were all done by one vendor.
How did our website ( assist you in planning for your wedding?
I actually got my cake vendor from Kenya Weddings  website and I also got to learn some things on wedding ideas from the websites( like color combinations).
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time. 
I spent the night with most of my bridesmaid except the best maid who came very early in the morning and as you know ladies can talk all night so no sufficient sleep. I woke up with swollen eyes but I was still excited to marry the man who makes me feel like royalty, the man who laughs at my silly jokes, the man who takes me as the most beautiful woman.
I was excited and I told myself that even if the day won’t be as glamorous as I want it to be, at least one thing is gonna be! I will be His wife.   A few things went wrong though, the music that the bridal team was to walk with were not available so the church choir came in to save the day with some catholic songs but I was still as happy as I could be. The day was fantastic I must say!
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding. 
The reception venue I guess was our greatest cost saver! I always believe good décor can turn a not so good garden into a flamboyant place… I saved on getting a costly garden. We also cut down on transport by ensuring the church, photo session venue and reception were close to each other, this also saved us on time. I also purchased my gown while on the trip to Belgium and because it was summer time the prices had gone down by 50%, I got the gown of my dreams at a lower price.  
The wedding planning process is a learning process for every couple. What was your biggest learning area and what advice do you have to others planning? 
Men actually love good color combination, ladies should not assume that my man will have nothing to do with color choice, involve him in the whole process and let him have his say, lest he is moody on the wedding day because you made him wear a pink shirt to blend the color scheme.
While planning for a wedding, it is better to come up with a budget ( an estimate of how much you intend to spend on each vendor) this will guide you in making decisions even as you receive different quotes from vendors. Make sure you put aside some money for miscellaneous because they are always there on the D-day. You do not want people sorting out financial issues for you with their money on the D day while they are supposed to be enjoying and celebrating with you.
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done.
The polka dot  affair was what was unique in our wedding. I wanted something that the bridesmaids will wear again even after the wedding and I involved them in picking the design that will suit them.
As for the men I ensured I got them colors they will love and be happy wearing them on the wedding day and even after. I also has a grooms cake ahich had a doctor theme.
Wedding Venue Kari Grounds Photography Venue - Norfolk Hotel  Wedding Photographer - Sharp Focus Productions  Number of Guests - 350


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