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Andrew & Christine

Selecting photos for this real wedding was no easy task; every single shot was gorgeous! We absolutely love Christine and Andrew's style.The men's outfits were impeccable, the bridesmaid's peplum dresses were stunning and the bride a striking beauty.


Check out the amazing photos and read their story...Prepare to be inspired!

Tell us your story? How and where did you meet? How long have you dated?

Our story started on June19th at an AFLEWO music practice kesha at NPC VALLEY ROAD, I was part of the choir and at the time was helping plan a fundraising dinner, and He was part of the leadership in charge of Marketing. I believe our relationship was God orchestrated, I still find it hilarious because I was single, not searching and I always thought I would get into a relationship later on in life, I had it all planned out(so I thought)He totally got me off guard. At about 3 am we sought of bumped into each other at a room at the back of the church as I briefed the leadership on the progress of a thanksgiving dinner that I was helping plan. He was lying down at a corner asleep. He tells me he heard my voice and instantly knew it was the voice of the woman he would marry (I choose to believe him).



Immediately he talked to me and I fell in love with his charisma.  I loved talking to him. I think we spent a straight 48 hours chatting about everything; we would chat on Facebook, Gmail, on text…I still have some of our chats. Exactly a month after, we had our first conversation, he asked me to be his wife…well he actually asked me to be his girlfriend  but he did it differently, he made me understand he was not looking for a fascination but a lifelong commitment. His boldness and uprightness amazed me; he did not leave any room for confusion. He later on became my best friend, confidant and motivation.


I couldn’t say no when he asked me to be his wife after sharing two amazing years. We both grew a lot during that period; our date life changed us for the better. Looking back I still would say YES on July 18th 2009 and still say yes on 26th Aug 2011 and definitely to my friend and the love of my life-Andrew Njoroge.

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What do you love the most about each other? 

Chrisitne:I love that he is a man after God’s own heart.

Andrew: I love her compassionate side, and she is a worshipper, me likey :-)

How did he propose?

It brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. He has to be the sweetest most romantic man I know, I am a very lucky lady.

He took his time to plan and think through the details. He picked me from work, had a beautiful bouquet of flowers placed on the car seat *they were brought by my best man to be*, he had made arrangements to have me dressed up for the occasion.  I was totally unaware of what was happening, he took me to Osteria Karen where he had made reservations .

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He had planned so well everyone at the restaurant was involved (they did a splendid job to keep it under wraps and still give me  royalty treatment ). I loved every moment of it, they only played music he has selected (I kept thinking they have a nice collection of songs) and had a special table set just for us. When he asked me if we could have our desert outside, I agreed, they had the most beautiful table set by the pool, had candles all over the garden and the pool edge.

It was simply breathtaking, I remember thinking to myself I did not want the night to end. Barely minutes after we sat down had they brought in a beautifully wrapped cake box and almost immediately `our song’* Dave Koz – Cheng Fu* started playing. He politely asked me to cut the cake, I opened the box and in bright red it read Will you Marry Me? with an audience of all the restaurant staff and a couple of guests he got on one knee took my hand and asked me to be his wife…I was at a loss for words, I cried.

What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style?

Our theme was “Going green” I love nature and everything green, hence my choice of color. 

Your choice of attire was very impressive, how did you pull off the desired look?

I wanted a unique sophisticated look, and what we finally settled on was very chic. I especially like the men outfits; very modern.

What songs did you and your bridal team walk down the aisle to?

A mix of Jazz and gospel soft rock :-)


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Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time. 

Beautiful!! That’s how I would describe the whole day in one word. The people around us made it so special.

Chrisitne:  I woke up to slight drizzle, (my blessing from God); I’m sure someone somewhere was stressed on my behalf. I would describe the prep in the morning as lots of laughter, make up and photos. God had given me such peace. 



Andrew: I woke up to jokes, laughter and sausages…lots!!! Had the easiest time of my life.


 The service started at 10.00 a.m. just as planned, we had our service by the pool, and the décor was so beautifully done. I remember feeling overwhelmed as I walked down the aisle, I kept my eyes on Andrew barely noticing who was seated on either side. 


 The service was brief but we loved every moment of it, our pastor made it  fun by cracking jokes, it wasn’t as I had pictured, it was so much better.   

We had brief interlude between the service and reception to freshen up, have lunch and a few photos    I liked that we all sat round a table and talked random stuff almost like we did not have wedding to go back to, better still that we all got a good fill :-)


 Three words that best describe the reception: dancing, dancing, dancing :-) we got back at 2.00pm, I was totally surprised at the number of people who had attended. I remember feeling very humbled. We were done by 4.00pm just as planned.

We left for our photo session, just in time to catch the sunset; I loved every moment of it …By the time we were driving back to the hotel to get ready for the evening party ,We  had such a deep sense of fulfillment, God had come through for us.


 What was the highlight of your wedding day?

My highlight must have been seeing Christine walk down the aisle, I had to stifle a tear (yes I confess) , and the photo sessions, I had the best team, ( bridal, photo and Video) .


 You must have learnt quite a number of things during the wedding process. What did you learn regarding the planning process that you would like to other couples to know?

 We learnt that it was easy to get carried away and that we needed each other to be grounded to the real investment i.e. the relationship. We had a TAG line we would share constantly to act as a reminder that WE came first “WE ARE THE TEAM “.


 Andrew would tell it to me every time I would start getting stressed over wedding stuff and I would do the same. It changed our focus from the wedding day to the days after the wedding, the only real investment. 


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What (in your opinion), do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?

Everything is over rated, in the sense of the word, too much goes into the day, leaving out the most important people out.


 Any other tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

After the cakehas been eaten, the décor has been pulled down and your gown has been stored away then the real test begins and the fire that is the love you have for each other will keep you together.


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 Focus on fueling that fire.


 At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done. 

 Our photo shoot...


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We did our photo shoot overlooking the beautiful escarpments adjacent to Ngong hills.


 Both of us love the great outdoor hence it worked perfectly, and even more to our advantage we did not spend a dime on it and we had so much fun .


The scenery was amazing; the bridal team was also so co-operative and all the credit to Kevin Ouma (our photographer) for a job well done.

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Wedding Venue  Hartfields Gardens Photography Venue - Kibiko area, near Ngong hills Wedding Photographer - Picture This Photography Number of Guests - 400

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