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Shadrack & Shirley

Shirley and Shadrack first met in the corporate world where they worked in the same department and before too long they had fallen madly in love. Their workplace romance culminated in a stunning fuchsia and royal purple wedding and we couldn't be more excited to bring you their heart-warming story. 

Tell us your story? How and where did you meet? How long have you dated?
We both work for the same organization but in different departments. Back then we were in the same department and that’s how our paths were destined to cross. Our paths kept crossing now and again because of the nature of work and he was always helpful in case I got stuck and he showed me the ropes. One thing led to another and yes……here we are now.

What do you love the most about him?
Shirley: Shadrack is affectionate, loving, charming, articulate, a go getter, determined, strong willed like myself and oh my, he is a very humorous person who can make your ribs ache from laughter.
How did he propose?
Thought you would never ask. It was on Valentine’s Day and the day started out as usual that is work and more work. He kept calling constantly to profess his love for me. Later I received a lovely bouquet of flowers, my favorite chocolate and wine to crown it all. He kept dropping hints but I guess I was slow or didn’t think much about it. When the day was over, I got a strange call from my darl, why I call it strange is because he was sounding unsure or should I say in a panic which is unlike him. He told me to wait for him because we were to go for a movie which I accepted.
We began the journey to the cinema but along the way, he stopped outside The Stanley and told me he wanted to pick something up. I kept pestering him to hurry up because we would get late for the movie. We walked in, and a very nice gentleman escorted us to a table and by now, I just told him he is ‘crazy’ and he just gigged as we were being served, I asked him to spill the beans and that’s when he told me that we were to have dinner there.
We ate and drank but all the while I made him relax by joking about it, he was very uneasy just like our first date when he even spilled juice all over my clothes. I joked about it and that made him relax. Later I asked for dessert that is my favorite chocolate mousse. When it was brought, the attendants were now more than usual and when they opened my dessert, before I knew it, he was on one knee and before the question was asked I said ‘Yes’ to what I knew not. I was elated and he even shed a tear of joy. I remember to date very vividly that particular day which is engraved in my heart.
For how long did you plan your wedding and what did you enjoy most about the planning process?
We planned the wedding for about 4months.
The part I enjoyed most was hmmmmm….. the food tasting or is it the cake sampling well….. never mind; I love cake don’t we all. The planning enabled us to bring our thoughts and ideas together which strengthens how we relate today. It was interesting to find out that we view things so differently and our concepts or ideas are very diverse.
I would take an eternity to decide on a particular supplier or service because I wanted everything to be just right and was always so hesitant before making a decision whereas Shadrack would go like’ it’s good to take the plunge and trust people. He was more outgoing and adventurous and was willing to try out new ideas. At the end of the day, we would come to an amicable decision of the best deal to settle for and we would laugh and joke about it thereafter.
What challenges did you face in planning your wedding and how did you deal with those challenges?
We experienced a few challenges like coordinating all the service providers and making them fit into our program. We dealt with this by having a one-on-one conversation with all of them which enabled us to synchronize all the services that were to be provided. We also had to be very patient with them and put our trust in them that all would be well. But oh well, life is not a smooth road all the way or is it now? We also had a very good and supportive chairperson by the name of Silvano who was very instrumental in making our day turn out as expected.
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colors, suppliers and style?
The wedding theme was Fuchsia and Royal Purple. We chose the color combo because the two bring out a sense of elegance, poise, style, royalty, sensuality, love and above all it makes a bold statement.
We also engaged suppliers we had already sampled services from and liked from previous weddings that we had attended. We did this to avoid last minute surprises hence giving us reassurance that all would be well and the wedding would go on as planned.
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
The biggest cost saver was on transport since the contribution from well-wishers of their cars was overwhelming to the point of having excess cars which really saved on our budget.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.
Where do I start, well, I got a call at around 3.00 am from my darl and I picked it excitedly but a bit worried wondering if all was well. He told me some mellowing words which made me realize that I couldn’t wait to say ‘I do’ . Later I slept briefly and woke up at around 4.30am.Everyone was chattering away in happiness, the maids were trying their entrance dance, my family was busy planning out the day’s itinerary and it all dawned on me that the day had finally come.
I felt some goose bumps and a shiver ran down my spine. I also felt sick to my stomach and I informed my mum. When my aunties heard my dilemma, one ‘crazy’ auntie suggested giving me a famous brew of ‘Salty milk’ which she said would calm my nerves. We got ready and left home for church. Along the way, the best man, Barongo kept reassuring me that all would be well with some humor in it and my best lady, Josphine who has a calm and composed persona gave me the confidence and surety I needed.
Many things were going on through my mind like the day’s events, how I would face the entire congregation, the future and what it holds among other things. The procession started and before I knew it we had exchanged our vows and I shed a tear of joy. We were both elated. After the church ceremony I was now at ease and relaxed to enjoy the moment. It was amazing how fast the day came and went and we were married. 
The photo session was exquisite and we enjoyed ourselves so that the photos would be fantastic. At the reception, there was dance and more dance and we were having a good time. The bridal party, all the service providers, the invited guests as well as the birds made our day a success and I thank God for that because a wedding cannot be without people or can it now? Everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed the day. The dance towards the cake was also awesome ohhh……..I can write a whole book about it!
What do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?
The whole wedding affair is normally overrated from the food to the venue name it since the word in itself symbolizes much planning, time and without finances, the equation cannot be complete.
What songs were played as you and your bridal team walked down the aisle?
Bride- Unbreakable by West life
Bridal team- Danza Kuduro
Any tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms?
Above all, put God at the centre of all your planning because he will be your anchor during this wonderful journey. Be able to discuss and decide on the wedding plans together as a unit as this builds your relation thereon. Give yourselves ample time to plan so that stress does not creep in and ruin the moment.
Have time to shop and shop until you have exhausted all avenues to get the best service available for your big day and also it gives you ample time to save up for your big day. On your wedding day, one or two things will not go according to plan but remember ‘Enjoy! Enjoy and enjoy the moment because life is not a rehearsal. Forget the mishap, break a leg and have fun since there are things you
have no control over.
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done.
We incorporated the following;
The walkway-pillars with lilac and pink roses to contrast the fuchsia and royal purple look.
The wedding cake-Frills of fuchsia and royal purple with polka dots of purple and the coating of the cake being baby pink bringing out the boldness and creative art work of bringing out the uniqueness and elegant look.
The water-It came in a branded manner with a photo of us for the guests to embrace our union and creativity since some people ended up carrying the photo home. To date, some of us still have it intact.
Best maid-Wore royal purple flowing dress with purple shoes and accessories. She also had a pink corsage and at the reception she put on the purple corsage to match the bridesmaids.
Bridesmaid-Wore fuchsia short dresses with purple shoes and accessories. They also had purple corsages.
Best man-Wore charcoal grey suit with a royal purple tie 
Groomsmen-Wore charcoal grey suits with fuchsia ties
Groom-Wore a black tuxedo with a fuchsia half coat coupled with a fuchsia tie
Bride-A-line beaded gown with a sweet heart neckline, woven fuchsia feathers during the reception coupled with a fuchsia corsage.
All the above were inspired by the love for creativity and uniqueness of displaying ideas bring out an element of exquisite elegance and to bring out the color theme and to symbolize royalty and grace.
We got this done by carefully laying out the plan of the ideas and being keen and particular on how best to get the desired results.
Wedding Venue: Hartfield Gardens Photography Venue: Karen Country Club Wedding 
Photographer: Ben Muthee photography  Number of Guests: 400


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