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Patrick & Teresa
We are absolutely delighted to feature our very first military wedding; Firstly, because this groom and his men serve and protect our country and we have utmost respect for them. Secondly, this wedding is downright gorgeous! We love the navy blue, elegant, chiffon bridesmaids' dresses,the arch of swords unique to military weddings, the lovely and cheerful bride and of course there's nothing like a man in uniform.
This wedding deserves your undivided attention; so put everything else aside and delve into the amazing inspiration below.
How and where did you meet?  
We met by accident. In 2007, my best friend Norah Gitobu (also my best-maid), invited me to an evening party of her cousins wedding at Friends (Upper Hill).
That night, Norah introduced me to Patrick and a friend of his whom she happened to know. We hit it off, and literally hit the dance floor.
We remember dancing till dawn. He took my number and I didn’t see (or hear from him) till like 2 years later.
We would bump into each other in weddings which was odd and just wave at each other.
Then he disappeared. Apparently he was doing his cadet in Tanzania (hence the silence.)
Later (2010) he would ask for me through Facebook for my telephone number again (the one I had given him before had changed) and he called to ask me out for a proper date at Alfajiri.
I was over the moon! And as they say, the rest is history.
Was the proposal a surprise or did you have a clue….tell us the story?
In 2011, Easter, we had been planning a 3-day vacation and decided that we should go to Lamu.
So off we went for an idyllic holiday. Patrick even switched off my phone through out our stay.
It was a lovely little place in Shela we were staying; at a penthouse villa called Banana House.  
He organized a full 3 day itenarary i.e. dhow fishing, guided tour, beach barbeque and then on Easter Monday, he made reservations at a fancy restaurant called Peponi (he said it was to celebrate the last night in Lamu – little did I know).
So we dressed up fancy ( I recall wondering what to do with my hair as it was such a mess after all the swimming we had done) and off we went.
Dinner was a Swahili dish, by the poolside at a secluded area, there were lit lanterns and candle lit footpath to our table… Oh that’s when I think I suspected that it was going to be a special night...
Then we talked about how the year went, then when we were done with dinner, he went down on his knee…
It was a beautiful ruby ring and the moment I saw it I remember grabbing it from his hand and gleefully sticking it into my finger coz I so loved it.
Then after coming to my senses, I returned it to him and he asked again if he could marry me.I said YES! It was so endearing to see him kneel before me :-) and ask nicely like a proper gentleman.
It was a very emotional day we took moonlight pictures (me with my nasty hair) and we were so happy that I couldn’t resist that night sneaking an SMS to my mum, dad and sister that we had just gotten engaged! 
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style? 
Regal Military and Classic Sophistication. White and Dark Navy Blue (like the Airforce Number 1 suit).
My suppliers were various as I knew exactly what I wanted so like for the bridesmaids’ dresses I bought them online.
My gown I got from Joburg and suppliers I worked with ones that I had seen their work before and loved their style, efficiency and value for money.
What advice would you give brides who are looking for a way to get the groom more involved in the wedding planning process? 
Honestly it is both your day but the bride decides how the dream wedding will be like so long as the groom consents to the general style, do what pleases you (within the budget agreed upon!) 
What songs did you and the bridal team walk down the isle to?  
Bridal Procession: Mirrors – Justin Timberlake (Boyce Avenue featuring Fifth Avenue)
Entrance of Bride: At Last (Beyonce Knowles version)
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
Reception and church was the same venue so we paid a total of Ksh. 30,000/- for the place! That was the greatest deal.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.  
No cold feet, just a feeling of immense sadness and sudden over joyous happiness!
I remember thinking how I would miss staying with my only sister Noella Lubano, who we have been together with all our lives (same primary, high school and university and stayed together since we started working).
I felt happy that now I was mature and ready to start my own family and I was also sad that I would miss my mum’s cooking.
All in all it was the dream wedding I wanted.
Nothing pleased us more than to see our family, friends and relatives join us on that chilly day to celebrate our union! We were smiling all day. It was perfect :-)
Teresa: Patrick is in the Military, how did this make your wedding planning process any different?
I think the most significant difference is that the groomsmen weren’t necessarily Patrick’s best friends.
He had to go with his colleagues from his place of work.
This was quite a challenge from him as I had a large team of bridesmaids; 8 ladies to be exact!
There were so many grand parts of the wedding! The arch of swords after mass and as we entered the reception was also very different and regal.
Another was, seeing my bridesmaids having fun being ‘Captained’.
They looked so cool in the military hats that they had gotten from the groomsmen.
They rocked those hats like it was their main accessories.
But I think the ultimate one was the ‘snatch party’ that came to whisk me away!
A team of military officers in combats stormed the room I was in in the morning of the wedding and carried me shoulder high to the bridal car.
It was so unexpected and wildly dramatic! My aunties, relatives were in utter shock as they were expecting to sing for me and throw simsim and rice as I walk down some lessos. 
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done. 
Since I am a designer, I designed a personal (monogram see attached) and it appeared in all our stationery, branding, programs and even got engraved on our wedding glasses.
The invites were simple but show stoppers and many people wanted to come to the wedding the moment they saw the invitation cards.
I was really proud of that work which took weeks of crafting.
Wedding Venue: St Austins Catholic Church Photography Venue: Norfolk Hotel
Photographer: Mwangi (Mwarv) Number of Guests: 240
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