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Josea & Emmy

This vibrant wedding is the perfect cure for Monday blues. Emmy and Josea chose a fiery colour combination of fuchsia and orange that spells celebration. And when a couple draws inspiration from Pinterest, like this couple did, you can be sure the wedding will be nothing short of spectacular!

Scroll down for an overload of creativity and all sorts of pretty!
Tell us your story? How and where did you meet? 
We were already friends online but we first met in the lobby of a hotel in Germany.
I was attending a conference and he was ‘on vacation’. 
What do you love the most about each other? 
First, we are both God-fearing, which counts for a lot for both of us.
This also means that we speak the same language (nothing to do with mother-tongues).
We may not always agree on what either of us is saying but at least we speak the same language.
Josea is creative, practical, thoughtful and very loving and he makes me feel covered. 
Emmy is caring, loving, has a clear sense of purpose in life and supportive.
How did he propose?
On a rainy evening (probably a sign of God’s approval and blessings) in a restaurant, he pulled out a small box and I was beside myself with joy.
He had been jittery and overly excited during the day.
He also made a big fuss about where we were going to sit at the restaurant and other details, unlike him.
I kind of suspected but I was still quite excited.
What songs did you and your bridal team walk down the aisle to?
My parents and I walked down to John Legend’s ‘All of me’.
The bridal team walked down to India Arie’s ‘Therapy.’
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style?
We would not say we had a theme really.
We just knew what we wanted and most importantly what we did not want.
We compromised on many things as Emmy is the more artsy one so she was looking out for crazy ‘rustic’ kind of ideas while Josea leaned more towards classy and sleek – we found compromises in between these two.
We both chose the colors – Josea wanted something stark and bright, Emmy wanted something earthier but bright, so pink and orange was happily agreed on.
You could therefore say our theme was a ‘pinkora’ wedding if there is something like that. :-)
We were also keen to keep our budget low and save where we needed to whilst also being creative.
We drew a lot of inspiration from online DIY wedding blogs, Pinterest and other social media.
Our good friend Norah Ngeny’ (Toti) was also a great help with ideas. 
Some of our suppliers were from referrals by other suppliers (interestingly) but the choices we made on suppliers were also based on websites (like this one) and referrals.
For example, we landed on the venue( Dinham Gardens) via Ben Kiruthi’s blog, who then recommended the video guys to us.
The venue lady further recommended the caterer to us while the MC/entertainment came highly recommended from a campus friend.
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time. 
For both of use we wanted everything to go according to schedule and to synchronize seamlessly.
We were both convinced that if the church ceremony started on time, everything would run smoothly and there would even be more time to throw in a few extras (dance, speech, meet-and-greet sessions etc.) later.
We also had in mind the fact that our guests who had travelled from up country and because our wedding was on Christmas Eve, we guessed that many people would prefer to travel back home a little early.
Indeed, the wedding started on time with the church ceremony even ending early by 30 minutes and we all had fun throughout the wedding!
We also could not wait to get married. Once the wedding started on time, we started to have fun. We purposed to take in and enjoy every moment and we did just that. 
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
We saved costs mostly by being practical and challenging ‘wedding traditions’ which we felt were either overrated or did not add value to us and our guests for example printing cards and programs for each of our guests.
Weddings are pretty much run the same way from morning to evening.
Therefore for us, it made little sense to print a program for our 350 guests, an extra expense which we also figured our guests would merely glance at and then it would form part of the trash for that day.
We therefore opted to create a program, inspired from Pinterest and various DIY wedding blogs, which we printed on a big A2 paper and positioned at the entrance.
Similarly, we designed our own wedding cards, did more online invitations/e-invitations and only printed cards for our parents and people who we figured were not online. 
Being practical also enabled us to save money.
Instead of hiring cars for that we would only use for a maximum of 4 hours (wedding ceremony, reception and photo session were in the same area) or a band for praise and worship during the ceremony that would only be slotted in for 5 minutes, we opted to reach out to family and friends who had cars and others who could sing.
You must have learnt quite a number of things during the wedding process. What did you learn regarding the wedding photography that you would like to other couples to know? 
Your wedding pictures (motion and stills) are probably the only, timeless memories that you will have after the guests have long left, the cake is over and the limousine that was hired has sped off.
It is something you will show your generations and you can always re-live the moments and memories – so invest in your memories.
What (in your opinion), do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?
Wedding glam is overrated. We feel that people can still look glamorous or stylish from locally sourced products without incurring huge costs.
We found that some things are overpriced just because they are tagged as ‘bridal’ or ‘wedding’ yet there was more value in customizing stuff to fit our dream wedding rather than the other way around.
Any other tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms planning for their wedding?
1. Commit everything to God – the big and small details
2. Save and plan early for your wedding this way you can have the time and space for inspirations to personalize your wedding.
3. Be rational and practical.

Wedding Venue: Dinham Gardens
Photography Venue: Brackenhurst and Kentmere Club
Photographer Faithful Frames – Ben and Gathoni kiruthi
Number of Guests 300 - 400