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Tole & Grace

We bring you a love story from Voi, after meeting by chance Tole and Grace would reconnect 10 years later they would re-connect and fall in love snd get married with fuchsia and royal purple being their choice colours

Tell us your story? How and where did you meet?
Actually ours is an interesting one if we can say.
Grace - The first time I saw him I was still in High School back in 2003. My dad had been involved in an accident and he would be the one to drive him to and from home when he needed to go to the hospital. When I first saw him I was touched by his humility and I wished he could be my boyfriend but I was still too young. Still in school and it would have been inappropriate to express my feelings to him so I just kept it to myself.  I kept seeing him and after a short time I did not see him anymore so I asked my dad where Tole went to and he told me that he was no longer in Voi.


He got a job and moved out and it’s like it all ended there. Ten years down the line we reconnected again this time via social media and in a few months he come to Voi where I was working and is also his home town. He was on assignment to Voi where the organization that he was working for was launching a project in the area and I was there covering the story for a local radio station I was working for as a correspondent. All this time we were talking on Facebook it really didn’t occur to me that this was the guy I saw ten years ago until I saw him at a function. From there we started to communicate and in September he asked me out. We started dating and in early January he proposed and soon after we started planning for our wedding.

Tole: Her dad happened to be a very good friend of mine. At some point he got involved in an accident and the first time I saw her I knew she was the right girl for me. I was also very young back then, just cleared high school and knew very little about love. I tried my luck in other relationships but as fate would have it, we reconnected after 10 years when I had given up on love.

What do you love the most about each other?
Grace - What I love most about him is that he is so loving, charming, his humility and his love for God. UZEL- Her natural beauty! She takes my breath away! Her humility, character, perseverance and most importantly her fear of God.


How did he propose?
First, we had gone for a walk at some hill in Voi where he told me that he would want to marry me, but this time there was no ring. The second time was on 1st Jan 2014 at his Church in Voi where he invited me to their church and he had organized with a few friends and the pastor and proposed in front of all the church members who had attended New Year service that day. I couldn’t help but shed a tear UZEL: Yea, I had organized with another couple who were our very good friends.


On 31st December 2013, through this couple I ordered a bouquet of fresh flowers. I then managed to convince her to attend our church service. Without any suspicion she agreed to come to church without any earrings on her because earlier on I had promised to buy her earrings so she came expecting a pair of earrings.

During the service the pastor called me and asked me to usher in front the girl that I wanted to engage. I looked around the church and with my bouquet of flowers went where Grace was sitting and brought her to the altar. She broke into tears of both shock and joy. I gave her the engagement ring, a necklace and put the earrings on her ears.

What songs did you and your bridal team walk down the aisle to?
The groom and the bridal team danced in to Napenda by Chistina shusho, my sisters danced to Matunda by Eunice Njeri feat lady bee and Soki Kalwenze. I walked in to a bit of here comes the bride instrumental at the start followed by Loliwe by Zahara


What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style?
Our wedding theme color was fuchsia and royal purple. I have always loved purple and used fuchsia as well to complement each other since the color’s work so well. Since I started thinking weddings I just wanted an African themed wedding; just simple but classy at the same time. As for the supplies mostly we relied on recommendations now that we were both in Nairobi and the wedding would be in Voi.

Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.
Grace - I woke up very early at around 3am as I communicated with a friend who had offered to come and do the make up having had a last minute disappointment from my makeup artist who told me late at night that she could not come to the house to do the make up because the husband said it was too early to leave her little baby alone.

I woke up early to communicate with her and see how she could get transport from Voi to Wundanyi where I was at my father’s house where I would be coming from. There were a few mishaps in the morning concerning transport the vehicles did not arrive on the agreed time. Though we were behind schedule all went well though we had to do the photo session in a hurry because the best man had an international flight to catch that night so he was to fly back to Nairobi and also so that we would not keep our visitors waiting for too long because there were several who were travelling back to Nairobi and Mombasa on the same day.

Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning their wedding.
Our biggest cost saver was on transport and food. We got all our vehicles from friends fully fueled and with the drivers so we did not use much on transport just a few to bring the bride’s family and relatives from her home area which is Wundanyi to Voi where the wedding was. On food we opted to buy our own food stuff and we called a biryani specialist from Mombasa who prepared the biryani which was able to feed all our guests and even carry home for those who wanted. To date our guests would still not forget about the biryani they remind us anytime we meet.


You must have learnt quite a number of things during the wedding process. What did you learn regarding the wedding photography that you would like to other couples to know?
Regarding wedding photography, make sure you have sampled their work or if possible do an engagement shoot to be sure of their abilities. These we failed along the way because we did an engagement shoot with another photographer but did not agree along the way so we opted out and looked for another one and the truth is we didn’t quite like his work.. But that is now behind us and we have learnt from our mistake .Make sure you sample the work and the photography should be as creative as possible and it should not be done in a hurry.


What (in your opinion), do you think is the most overrated thing in weddings?
In my opinion the most overrated thing in weddings is hiring expensive rides just for a few hours and also buying very expensive gowns. Rather using a lot of money for the wedding.


Any other tips/lessons you would like to share with other brides and grooms planning for their wedding?
Always put God first in everything you do right from the start, as you plan the wedding be realistic, just work with what you have avoid over stretching yourself too much financially because the wedding is just one day and marriage follows thereafter. With God everything is possible coz as a couple we dint have a lot of money. But God gave us great team of friends who were in our committees both in Nairobi and Voi who gave us there full support in every way that they could. We cannot thank them enough, may God truly bless them. Also start you preparations early enough.


Did you make use of Kenya Weddings website to plan your wedding?
I had learnt a lot from the Kenya weddings website and it really helped us in planning our wedding by reading and seeing what others have done. Particularly the color combination and guess what. I decided my hairstyle at the last minute.


Actually a day to the wedding after seeing an article you posted on your Face book page that day. Initially I just wanted to do simple braids but at the same time don’t like seating for a long time and after seeing the photo posted I said to myself so a bride I can do Ghanaian lines and I settled for that because it would take a shorter time.
The legal requirements too I read on the site before going ahead to confirm it with the pastor if it’s a requirement.

I would certainly recommend Kenya Weddings for those planning for weddings!

Wedding Venue: NCPB grounds Voi
Photography venue: Voi Wildlife Lodge
Wedding Photographer: Creative Media lab
Number of Guests: 700

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