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Steve & Tina

With creative and quirky cake, stunning outfits and an adorable entourage of vintage cars this wedding is a must-see. The groom, Steve Warui, is one of the leading photographers in Kenya and his creative genius is evident throughout the wedding.

Have a look at this gorgeous wedding and get inspired!

Tell us your story; how and where did you meet?
We met in campus at a student church called “THE JOURNEY”. Steve was guitar teacher and musician there and Tina used to make tea. Lets just say it was awesome sipping the tea while listening to a favourite song
How did he propose?
It was Steve’s birthday and Tina had organised a surprise birthday dinner treat for steve (we take each other out for dinner at a special restaurant every birthday). I had intended to surprise him with dinner at Kempinski as it was new in town.
We arrived and he was pleasantly surprised but towards dessert time when he excused himself to go to the loo. He took forever to come back just as i was about to ask a waiter to go check if he was ok! then, the chief concierge came by our table and asked if he could have a look at steve’s camera which was on the table. He started telling us that he had lost a similar camera at a restaurant in westlands just a few days back and i could not see how.
While still talking to him, a waitress came carrying a cake and said “Tina this is for you”. at this point, I noticed the cake was moulded like a freshly excavation site with a card written “will you marry me?” at that point he went down on one knee and took the ring from the cake. suddenly a crowd gathered and people were saying yes, it was the happiest moment of my life and i said yes! kumbe he had snuck outside the restaurant to organise how he’d bring in the cake to propose. to date, its still a mystery how he kept the cake hidden in the car and how he got so many collaborators, it was a sweet surprise! 
Steve:What led you to choosing Tina as your wife?
She's very beautiful, brainy, intelligent, pushes me towards being a better me, very caring and most important of all, she understands me! 
For how long did you plan your wedding and what did you enjoy most about the planning process?
About three months and the best part was the cooperation we got from friends and family
What was your wedding theme and what inspired your choice of colours, suppliers and style?
We had always wanted to have a really simple wedding and i guess we went for something that would represent who we really are. Steve has driven a bug and a kombi for the last 8 years and it was inevitable what the mode of transport would be! Our baker and cake designer also adopted the vw thingy and added a geologist touch to it - Tina is a geologist. Steve never wanted anything to do with photography
Tell us your biggest cost saver and any cost saving tips you have for people planning your wedding.
Our biggest cost saver was working with friends both within the wedding industry and without, all of them offered generous discounts, insights and support.. some of which we had trouble accepting coz of how major they were! The other major thing that worked for us was having the wedding in january! all vendors are relatively relaxed and everyone is broke :P
Tina, we absolutely love your wedding dress! What inspired the design and style?
I wanted something authentic and not cliche, so I worked with my tailor - Dan from Tchisau creations who has been my tailor for over 10 years and we came up with something stylish yet simple and african
What songs were played as you and your bridal team walked down the aisle?
Bridal party walked down to canon in d major played live by Neville goes and the consolata shrine choir  bridal march was done live by sylvester rajeev who plays  fingerstyle stage name acouslyk - a thousand years - christina perri
Give a brief recount of the wedding day, from waking up till evening and the things that were going through your mind at the time.  
I guess we had waited for the day for so long and we just wanted the day over and done with. So we had no pressure that anything could go wrong. we trusted all our service providers and that was very calming to have things take care of themselves. The day ran smoothly, the church almost started at 2pm instead of 2:30pm coz everybody was on time! We had done our photoshoot the previous day and that really eased things up for us and we could spend theextra time bonding with our guests
Steve, as a one of the leading wedding photographers, what would you advice couples when it comes to photography?  
The most important things you are left with after the wedding are 1.your spouse 2.rings 3. photos and video… everything else does away!
in my experience I’ve seen people invest in Limos, expensive venues etal and a not so good photographer. what that does is you end up with poor quality memories. Invest in a good photographer who understands you and can pick up your vibe! its never worth that 20k you try to save      
What would you say was your biggest challenge during the planning process and how did you overcome it?
Our biggest challenge was time and availability to run around and coordinate stuff. The main month was Dec when Steve had so many weddings to cover around the country and Tina was also winding up her year at the department. We contracted the services of an excellent wedding planner, Mellen. We had like two meetings and that was it! she is a lifesaver and very thorough 
What advice would you give to other couples as they plan their weddings?
Scratch your back where your nails reach - kikuyu proverb meaning, plan for what you can afford. Look at the things you like and that are really important to you and incorporate those into your day. Lastly invite few expect many to show up
At Kenya Weddings we are always looking for something different unique and creative that a couple incorporates in their wedding. Please let us know what your something different was, what inspired you and how you got it done.
Our something different i guess was our personalities. We drew alot of inspiration from just that and anybody who knows us can testify that we kept it real. We dint go for what other people think is fancy but rather made what we love to be fancy
Wedding Venue : Consolata shrine, Lion’s Eye Center loresho 
Photography venue: Wilson airport
Wedding Photographer: Joe Maina of Waruisapix
Number of Guests: Planned for 200, 400 showed up


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